About Tori

Short Bio:

Tori was born in Romney, WV and grew up in Fort Ashby. It was a great place to grow up.

She began learning to play guitar early in life but the music store she was taking lessons at had a difficult time keeping instructors and with each new instructor, they wanted to start over. She gave up after a short time. She took up the trumpet in middle school which lasted until the end of middle school. In college, she took up the guitar again, this time teaching herself how to play. In a short time she began playing in bands. She has been in numerous bands that performed and recorded throughout the years. After one particularly bad band break up, and with some pain issues from playing, she gave up the band scene and devoted herself to her career and other personal matters. Throughout this time she still wrote and played. More recently she decided to make a CD of her own work (no co-writers). She has a recording studio in her home where she works on her music.

Since 2003 she has had some medical issues including having a brain tumor removed and a possible multiple sclerosis diagnosis which has recently turned into a possible lupus diagnosis. The medical condition limit the amount of time she can dedicate to music.



Tori's Links:

The current weather at Tori's house

Tori's other projects:

Her work (she does the maps and the website along with other IT things)
Geohistory/Geoexplorer Site (Another project she is involved in as GIS and IT lead)


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Comedey Mondays