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Tori is working on a solo, artistic CD.
Currently it is an eclectic mix of songs that she have been writing for years. She finally has the capabilities to record and a nice selection of instruments to do this project.

She has several guitars including: An Ovation celebrity 6 string (used for performing), An Ovation doubleneck (6 and 12 string)(also for performing), a 12 string Takamine(used for recording), a 6 string Takamine (also used for recording) an old Kaman 6 string that needs a fret job (retired due to cracks in the top), A Washburn KC40V electric strat, A Yamaha 6 string Les Paul style electric and a Saga PRS style electric that she put together herself.

She also has two bass's, A Yamaha and a Saga that she put together herself.

She uses a Roland Fantom X6 and an old Yamaha for the keyboard parts and a set of Pearl exports for drums. She also has a pedal Steel Guitar, an electric violin, a trumpet and various other instruments such as harmonica's and other percussion instruments.

She uses N-Track Studio for recording, a 24 channel mixer and a Tascam 428 control surface along with my rack of outboard gear for processing into a Echo Audiofire 12 Channel interface.

Songs on the CD will most likely include: "Someone Who Cares", "Why Can't You See? (we were meant to be)", "Honeysuckle and Lilacs", "Alone", "Love Song", "I Can't Help Whats In My Heart", "Angel", "Life's Regrets", "Goodbye", "Mind Games", "Is It Wrong to Want Something More?", "Forget the Past", "Searching for Love on a Higher Plane", "He's Gone", "When I first Saw You", "I'm not the one to Blame", "The MS Song". The list may change but those are the working titles.

It is a completely solo effort. There are no other musicians or singers on the album. She is doing it all. Which is why it is taking forever. It is a lot of work to write, compose, arrange, produce, mix and master not to mention playing all the instruments. This project has given her much appreciation for the work many of these unsung people do.