My Special Companions

These are my furry kids. They are all rescues except the oldest, Tiggy, who is was 17 years old. Poor Tiggy had to be euthanized this year (2013) when his

rear end quit working.

 These are the latest Rescues. Second litter of mama cat. We tried hard to get her in the trap before the first litter was born, after the first litter was born, before the second litter... you get the idea. finally, using the second litter as bait I managed to trap her and we had her fixed but that still left 8 kittens we had to try to find homes for. The first litter I took two and my neighbor took two, the second he wanted no part of so I ended up with all four. I did manage to find a home for one of them.

 Rescue Day
Second Litter
about 4 weeks old

 Bo, Bo Bo, Bo Bear,
Black Bear,
Momma's sweet little kitty

Boy, Charlie,
Charlie boy
Grey Bear,


First Litter:
                Lu Lu, Lucy, Snuffy                                     Princess, Stupid Cat, Blondie, yes, that is her in a bucket and her on the top of our 6' Christmas tree. She seems proud.


This is Tommy Twinkle Toes, Tommy or Tom Tom,  He was on my neighbors porch with scuff marks on his ears that appeared to be from being thrown out of a moving car. He enjoys chewing may things: Me, guitar picks, bugs, etc. He gives kisses too. He has become the ruler of the clan but Don't Tell Bad Cat ;)

This is Fuzzball or Fuzzwad. She was under a neighbors porch and injured me pretty well when I captured her. She also dislikes most people. She nurses on my ear lobes and gives kisses. She dislikes most of the other cats.

This is Lucky, my daughters cat who lives with me. He is a lover of two people, me and her. He showed up on my porch on a new years eve nearly starved to death.

This is Bad cat, formerly Catalina, I took her from a coworker when her other cat started to not get along with her. She likes pretending to want you to pet her and luring you in close enough to scratch you.

This is Tiggy. aka Green eyes, aka fat boy, aka momma's boy. Momma misses you big boy:

Then there are two outside cats that I care for. They actually belong to another neighbor but they choose to live at my house:

Mo or messed up ears cat aka Heidi. this is after I clipped all the matted hair from her. She smelled like a barnyard, was attracting flies and was trying to fix it by pulling her hair out by the root. Poor Mo had a stroke his summer and had to be put down.:

This is Foxy Boy. I found out his name was monster. He travels miles everyday patrolling his territory.



The latest addition to the outside cat family: "Daddy", aka Sylvester